Photography Courses


I offer a range of online and face-to-face courses and evening classes for photographers at all levels, from the raw beginner to experienced photographers working towards RPS distinctions.


I will teach you the essential techniques and technicalities, but with an emphasis on making better images and inspiring your own creativity.


I offer a mixture of online and face-to-face courses. Online is great for sharing images within the group and can be easily recorded for future reference, whilst working face-to-face is better for teaching creative techniques.


All my groups have the opportunity to show their work at pop-up and more formal exhibitions. My students recently staged two successful exhibitions at the Trinity Arts Gallery in Tunbridge Wells. Plans are in hand for similar shows in the summer of 2023


Courses for Beginners


These courses do start from the very beginning. If you have a camera and want to move on from ‘Auto’ or are thinking of buying your first proper camera, then these courses are designed for you.


Over the last 5 years, I’ve taught more than 200 aspiring photographers how to use their cameras to make beautiful creative photographs. Many have gone on to join my creative photography groups and two of my original students have recently completed a BA in photography. There is no limit to how far you can go once you have the basic techniques under your belt.


Not only do you need to learn how to use the facilities of your camera, learning how to edit your pictures to get the best out of them is the key to making awesome photographs.


I have several different approaches, depending on how you prefer to learn.


Online Courses

Digital Photography for Beginners

This 12-week evening course, covers all the basics of digital photography and editing your pictures with Adobe Lightroom. Each week we will cover a specific topic and I will set a homework task to reinforce what you have learned.  At the end of the course, you should be confident using the more advanced features of your camera to produce great images for printing, using on social media or publishing in books.


Editing Photographs in Adobe Lightroom Classic

If you have already got to grips with your camera, but you need to learn how to edit your images to get the best out of them, this 6 week online evening course will teach you all you need to know about Adobe Lightroom Classic to manage your photographs and to produce professional looking images.


Lightroom Classic in a Day

If you’d rather not commit to an online evening class. This one-day online course condenses the 6 week course into a one day online course. I find that an online approach is the best way to teach photo editing as each session is recorded for you to refer back to.


One Day Face-to-Face Courses

Digital Photography for Beginners

This course covers in one day the topics that are covered by the online class, but without the weekly homework tasks. Working in a small group in my Chevening studio, these courses are great if you need for example, to speed up the learning process for a special holiday or event or if you don’t want to commit to regular evening sessions.


One-to-One Tuition

If you learn better on a one-to-one basis or you’d like the learning process to cover specific topics, then a series of 121 sessions with me may be the best solution. The 121-course starts with a telephone or Zoom review of where you are starting from and what you want to achieve by the end of the course. Once I know your objectives, I will propose a series of online and/or face-to-face sessions over a timescale to suit you. Face-to-face sessions will take place on location or in my studio depending on your interests. 121 sessions can be combined with my evening classes or one-day courses so you can get the most benefit.