This course will take you from zero to ‘photo hero’ in 13 weeks! - see what some past students had to say

If you have a camera but never get away from using auto, or if you are thinking of buying your first proper camera this course is for you.

I will teach you to:

  • Understand what the controls on your camera do

  • Use your camera/phone more creatively

  • Try new areas of photography

  • Make photo books and prints

The course is practical and project based rather than a series of lectures (boring!) - You will be taking a lot of photographs

This course is for anybody who is struggling with photography basics. We will cover a lot of the basic technical stuff during the course, but the focus is always on how you can use it to make better and more creative images.

As well as taking better pictures, by the end of the course, you will have:

  • Be part of a major project documenting the town of Tonbridge

  • Contributed to a collaborative book

  • Exhibited at our informal exhibition

During the course we will cover:

  • Landscape Photography

  • Portrait Photography

  • Nighttime Photography

  • Basic Studio Lighting

  • Closeup photography

  • Street Photography

  • Wildlife and Sport Photography

Other Topics include:

  • Composing images – what are the rules and how to break them?

  • Storing and Editing your images - why post processing is really important and how to apply the basics to your images

  • Choosing the best editing software for you

  • Shutter speeds and apertures

  • Autofocus and manual focus

  • Depth of field

  • What is an ISO setting and which one should we use?

  • Making prints – the finished product

  • Making photo books and websites

What equipment do you need?

You need a digital camera, that offers alternatives to automatic mode. It doesn't matter if it is a DSLR or mirrorless design, cameras or a compact or a Smartphone. Contact me if in doubt.

It would be useful for you to have a tripod as we will be shooting mainly indoors

I will be teaching you how to use Adobe Lightroom for post processing, as it is the most widely used image management and editing system in the market. 


The cost of the course is £159 for 13 weeks

As well as the classes themselves, you will receive lots of course notes and other useful information.


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If you want to know more please email or call me on 07983 394 550