The flow of a river is elemental and organic. The flow is the heart of the river and continues regardless of what occurs along its banks, as long as a supply of water is available. It is possible to guide and direct the flow, but ultimately it cannot be fully tamed. Man has a love hate relationship with the river. It provides water and power, but when in flood it sweeps away all before it.

By excluding any wider context, the video, whilst filmed on the Darent, has a wider meaning applicable to all rivers everywhere, their constant flow, providing the water essential to life on earth. It is a statement of both beauty and power using changing light and weather conditions to emphasise the constancy of the river’s flow. By merging different flow patterns, it explores the contrasts between quiet beauty and elemental power. The continuity and turbulence of the river’s flow is a metaphor for life itself, flowing quietly until disrupted into turbulence by an external influence and then returning to calm.