getting to grips with your digital camera - One Day Practical Workshop

Winter Trees - Chevening

Winter Trees - Chevening

Are you confused by the many options that your digital camera offers and unsure how to use them? If so this is the workshop for you. We will start from simple point and shoot and move gently on to the other really useful features that your camera has, that will help you to produce even more amazing images.

This workshop is for photographers who may need a little clarification of the basics and who want to take the next step and move on to exploit the creative possibilities that using the more advanced features of their camera presents.

Whilst we will cover some technical points along the way, the day is all about you taking amazing photographs

Subjects covered on the day include: 

  • Understanding the basics - Point and shoot
  • What are the alternatives to automatic and why would you use them?
  • Shutter speeds and apertures – what can they do for us?
  • Autofocus and manual focus – what do you use them for?
  • Depth of field – What is it and how do we use it to our advantage
  • What is an ISO setting and which one should we use?
  • How to compose your image – what aids do we have?
  • Lenses and Zooms – what do they do and which lens should you use for what subject
  • RAW files v JPG – What are the differences and advantages of each?
  • Storing and Editing your images - why post processing is really important and how to apply the basics to your images

All of my workshops are intensely practical and include time to practice your new skills with expert advice on hand. I always hold workshops in a location where we can get outside for much of the day and take interesting pictures.

What equipment do you need?

You need a digital camera camera, that offers alternatives to automatic mode. It doesn't matter if it is a DSLR or mirrorless design, cameras or a compact. Contact me if in doubt.

It would be useful for you to have a tripod as we may have to shoot indoors if the weather is wet or you want to attempt still life work - if you don't own one we can probably lend you one.

Pease wear/bring suitable clothing. We will be working outside for some of the time so please bring suitable footwear and waterproofs if the weather looks like being wet.