Lightroom 121 tuition


3 hour 121 lightroom tuition session basics

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful image management and editing program, but can seem daunting to the new user. Group courses are fine, but can be confusing if attendees are at different levels. It can be easy to get left behind or find yourself covering stuff you already know. In a 3 hour 121 session I can get you to the same level as I would in a 1 day group course. My 3 hour 121 Lightroom Basics sessions are tailored to your needs and will take you from zero to the point where you will be able to:

  • Load images into Lightroom from your camera

  • Migrate images from your current imaging software (we will do this as part of the session)

  • Understand how to use external storage devices

  • Categorise and manage your images

  • Manage colour balance

  • Perform the basic editing tasks such as cropping and exposure adjustment

  • Use gradient and radial filters

  • Use adjustment brush

  • Export your images for social media or printing

The session can be based on either Lightroom CC Classic or Lightroom CC (the Cloud version of Lightroom) depending on which version you prefer.

These 3-hour sessions and are held at my home and cost £89.00. They are tailored to fit your level of computer knowledge (there are no silly questions!) to ensure that you get the best value for your money

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3 hour 121 lightroom tuition session Advanced

If you have the basic Lightroom skills and want to take things to the next level, these 121 sessions are ideal for you. The session will be tailored to your exact requirements, covering the topics you need, rather than the generic approach of group courses

These 3-hour sessions cost £89.00 and are held at my home.

Book using the button below and then email me to arrange a time, and date