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A new solo exhibition of photographs, exploring how conflicts over the centuries have marked the landscape, opens at the Trinity Arts Centre, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells on Tuesday 28th June and runs until Sunday 3rd July. The free exhibition is open to visitors from 10:00 – 15:30 daily and during evening events at the theatre.


The south of England has been the defensive front line of the UK since the iron age when the Roman legions landed at Richborough in Kent. Since then, successive conflicts have left their marks on the landscape in the form of earthworks and structures. Many of these sites present a multi-layered history of conflicts over hundreds of years, for example, Grain Fort, which started life as a fort to defend the Medway estuary from the Dutch Navy, supported naval guns in WW1 and an anti-aircraft battery in WW2


Images From the Show

Ian Palmer of BBC Southeast News put together a news item around the show - here is the video