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Ordering Prints and Frames for the Exhibition


Please order and pay for your prints and frames from this page.


Please order ASAP as there is a lead time for ordering frames from the manufacturers


Frames and Mounts:


You can frame your images with or without a cardboard mount.


If you don’t opt for a mount, your image can be printed for a tight fit to the frame or with a white border (or any other colour if you choose)


If you opt for a mount, there are standard sizes:


  • A4 for an A5 size print

  • A3 for an A4 size print

  • 20x16 inches for an A3 print

  • A3+ for an A2 size print (A3+ is 32.9 x 48.3 cm)


Once you have placed your order, you can send your images for printing to me via WeTransfer at any time up to the 1st week of June.