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Courses Supporting RPS Distinctions

Working towards an RPS distinction on your own can often be a lonely and sometimes frustrating process. My Creative Photography online evening courses are designed to give support to anybody who is contemplating or is already engaged in the distinctions process. Both courses are ongoing based around the school term model for convenience, but you can join at any time.


My courses are geared towards the ARPS distinction and focus on building a body of work, encouraging technical excellence and creativity, key attributes for achieving the ARPS. LRPS is a more technical distinction and fits less well with the structure of my courses, however, there is no requirement to achieve LRPS before attempting the Associate distinction,


You will find both groups very friendly. We spend a lot of time during the course, sharing images within the group, encouraging each other, and offering gentle constructive criticism. We also try to have fun, with meetups and social events during the course.


The criteria for the ARPS award are:


  • A Statement of Intent that defines the purpose of the work, identifying its aims and objectives.


  • A cohesive body of work that depicts and communicates the aims and objectives set out in the Statement of Intent.


  • A body of work that communicates an individual’s vision and understanding.


  • A high level of technical ability using techniques and photographic practice appropriate to the subject.


  • An appropriate and high level of understanding of craft and artistic presentation.


It is also vital to select the most appropriate genre for your work and how you plan to submit your finished work.

The courses include individual portfolio reviews for those undertaking the APRPS distinction or working towards building a personal body of work


On the course, I will help you to meet these criteria


These courses dovetail with the RPS programme of assessment and advisory days and shouldn’t be viewed a fast track to achieving distinctions.


These courses can be combined with one-to-one tuition and subject-specific technical workshops to give you the greatest chance of a successful submission.

Use the product links below to book or contact me on 07983 394550,, if you'd like more information

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