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Courses for Beginners

Digital cameras can be confusing with multiple options and menus, which is why so many people never move on from the Auto setting and miss out on the opportunities to take amazing photos that modern cameras give.


Fortunately, it isn't hard to learn the basic techniques and settings, which will allow you to take better pictures.

Taking the picture is only half the story. Once you download your pictures to your computer, modern editing apps let you turn good images into awesome ones, and correct errors made in-camera.


My advice to someone starting out is to attend either my one-day, face-to-face boot camp or my 8-week online evening class. This will help you to get to know what the dials and menus on your camera are for and learn the basics of photo editing.


Once you are comfortable with your camera then come along to the online Adobe Lightroom course to learn how to make the best of your images.

If you'd prefer one-to-one rather than group tuition, email or call me to discuss a structured one-to-one (or two-to-one) course tailored to your exact requirements.

You can see the links to all of these courses using the links below.

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