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Intermediate and Advanced Courses

I offer a wide range of courses and workshops for more advanced photographers. The assumption for these courses is that you have got to grips with your camera and the basics of exposure etc. and have some skill in editing your images.

The Creative Photography course is an ongoing informal online/face-to-face course where we explore all genres of photography and explore how we can employ different post-processing techniques to make a wide range of creative images. 

The Landscape Masterclass is a small group of keen, friendly landscape photographers. We explore all aspects of the landscape from the expansive to the macro view.

Both groups will be working towards a public exhibition of our work in 2023

I believe that photography gives us a new and enhanced way of seeing the world and the course centers around this principle, rather than around technology

For anybody who prefers 121 coaching, I offer a wide range of individual coaching courses. Email or Call me for a chat if you'd like to discuss possibilities.

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