EVENING photography COURSES tonbridge - autumn 2019

Do you want to:

  • Fill the gaps in your photographic knowledge

  • Be part of a friendly group with the same interests as you

  • Take part a major photographic project and a public exhibition

  • Just take better pictures

All of my courses are project based and concentrate on practical photography rather than on theory

Tuesday evenings are intended for more experienced photographers who are comfortable with the basics and are looking to improve their creativity. Mondays and Wednesdays are for you if you are a beginner or are just moving on to the next level.

All 3 courses will be based in Tonbridge. The next round of courses start in September

Creative Course

beginners and improvers course

the TBP community


If you sign up for one of my courses you will automatically become a member of the TBP (Taking Better Pictures) photographic community. You will have the chance to make friends and work with with other like minded photographers, participate in our private social media groups and to get email support from me if you are stuck with any aspect of photography. Membership also entitles you to priority booking and discounts on future courses and events and discounts from local photography shops.

learning the basics


There are a few basic techniques and skills that you need to learn to make full use of your camera and take better pictures. Different types of photography require different techniques. The course will teach you these skills as you need them, and give you lots of opportunities to put them into practice. Much of the tuition is on a one to one basis during photo shoots. The basics include:

  • Getting your camera off ‘Auto’ - using the other settings

  • Using the right lens for the job

  • Exposure - Shutter speeds, apertures and ISO settings

  • Image composition - why do some images work better than others?

  • Using flash when necessary

  • Close-up photography

  • Night photography

  • How to photograph people

  • Editing your pictures on your computer

exhibitions and books


At the end of every term, my groups hold a one night exhibition at the Westerham Brewery to which you and your friends and family as well as the public are invited. Everybody can exhibit 2, A3 sized images from the photographs they have taken during the term. I encourage all my students to make a photo book of the work that they have done during the term as well as contributing to the course book which includes examples of everybody’s work. We will spend some time during the course looking at how you can turn you photographs into a professional quality book.

tonbridge - a snapshot in time


All of my evening courses are project based, because this gives a focus for your photography, rather than taking random pictures. This term all of my groups will collaborate to start a year long photographic documentary of Tonbridge. You will get to choose an aspect of the town, its people and its surroundings that you want to photograph either on your own or as part of a group. The end result will be an exhibition in September and a collaborative book that everybody will contribute to. You will find more details here