Several of you have asked me for advice on tripods.

If you are planning to buy a tripod, here are my suggestions.

Buy the best you can afford.  

  •       Manfrotto (avoid the cheaper models and ones with plastic heads)

  •     Giottos

  •      Gitzo

  •     Three Legged Thing (British!)

  •    Benro

  •   Vanguard

  •    SIRUI

Are all reliable brands

Carbon fibre is the best option, if you can afford it, as it is light and rigid. Aluminium is a good second choice

The head (the bit that the camera attaches to) is as important as the tripod itself. Don’t buy a tripod with a plastic head, as it won’t last long and is likely to crack at the worst possible moment. You can buy the tripod legs and the head separately. A ball head is probably the best for still photography.

Buying second hand on eBay, Gumtree and Facebook can save a lot of money.

A good tripod will outlast your camera, so it is sensible to invest in a good one.

If you are in doubt send me a link to the one you are thinking of buying before you decide