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Grain Tower with the 5x4 Camera

Welcome to the Paul Burgess Photography website. I'm a professional photographer and photography teacher based in Chevening, in the beautiful Darent Valley, near Sevenoaks in Kent UK. I've been a passionate photographer from an early age (a very long time ago!). Alongside my commercial photography work, I spend much of my time teaching photographers of all levels and abilities how to take better photographs.

I work mainly in digital currently, although I spent many years working with film, from 35mm to 10x8 formats.

Sevenoaks at Work Project

Sevenoaks at Work is a community-based project, run by local photographer and photography teacher Paul Burgess ARPS.

By showcasing and celebrating people who work for local businesses in Sevenoaks, I'm hoping to bolster the sense of pride and community spirit among residents and highlight the contributions of these individuals and groups to the town’s development and prosperity.

Sevenoaks's small shops, market traders, and small businesses add unique character and variety to the town, distinguishing it from many high streets that are dominated by generic chain stores. This uniqueness should be a source of pride for residents and should attract tourists looking for authentic local experiences.


The Sevenoaks at Work project started with "Sevenoaks Behind the Counter" a limited-scope project celebrating the small traders that make the town buzz. The reaction to the original project has been amazing, and this has inspired me to widen the scope of the project to include all aspects of work in Sevenoaks


Nick behind the counter at COOK in Sevenoaks. One of the images taken in 2023 that inspired the project.

"photography provides a new way of seeing the world around us"

Photography empowers us to perceive our surroundings in a completely novel way. Through the lens, we observe elements of our environment that our naked eyes often ignore. This unique perception not only enriches our understanding of the world but also encourages us to appreciate the underlying beauty of our everyday lives.

As you navigate this website, you'll explore the intersection of my passion for teaching and my belief in photography as a transformative tool for viewing the world. It is my greatest joy to guide photographers on this transformative journey, opening their eyes to a new way of seeing and capturing the world in all its glory.

Through my courses and workshops, I strive to instil in my students not only the technical aspects of photography but also this profound understanding of photography as a new lens through which to perceive and appreciate our world.

So, whether you're picking up a camera for the first time or are a seasoned pro, let's journey together to capture the world anew, one frame at a time. Welcome to this journey of illumination, observation, and creation. Let's start seeing the world through a new lens today.

Rye Harbour Towards Dungeness - Mist & Drizzle - Paul Burgess

Rye Harbour Towards Dungeness - Mist & Drizzle

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