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Return to Thanet

Back in my childhood in the 60's the family owned a caravan on at Chestfield near Herne Bay. Every year we spent the easter and summer holidays there. We had a pretty eclectic group of summer friends that we hung out with, went swimming, dug for bait and went fishing, flew kites and model aeorplanes. 

This ended in the late 60's and I hadn't set foot in the area for probably 50 years, when I decided in 2014, and later in 2019,  to go back in time, if that is possible, and to revisit the sites I knew so well in my childhood to see if they were still as I remebered them and how they have adapted to chaning times and fashions.

These images are part of a collection that I used in my book "Thanet Revisited" 

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