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Paul Burgess - Portfolio

My photography portfolio is a curated collection of images reflecting a decades of passion for photography. It features a wide array of genres, from enchanting landscapes and lively street scenes to intimate portraits. Each photo stands as a testament to my unique artistic vision. The portfolio mirrors my dedication to capturing the fleeting, the profound, and the sublime, and showcases my ability to tell stories through the lens. Feel free to navigate through the moments I've frozen in time and immerse yourself in the beauty of captured light.

Photographic Projects

As a photographer, I find immense value in focusing on personal projects rather than random images. Engaging with subjects on a deeper level allows me to connect with them and tell meaningful stories. By investing in these projects, I foster authenticity, understanding, and the opportunity for long-term relationships. Not only does it fulfill me personally, but it also opens doors professionally, leading to collaborations and opportunities to showcase my work. Personal projects empower photographers to create impactful narratives that resonate with both ourselves and our audience, making them an essential part of our artistic journey.

General Photography

This is my non-project based work. These are images made during my workshops, for clients and just for fun. 

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