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Finding Yourself Through Photography: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Over many years as a photographer, I've come to the belief that my photographs say a lot about me, how I see the world, and about my feelings at the time that I made the image.

Taking pictures isn't just about capturing moments; it can also be a way of learning about ourselves. When we choose what to take a picture of and how to take it, we're showing a bit of who we are. Let's look at how photography helps us find out more about ourselves.

Seeing Ourselves in What We See

When we decide to take a photo, we're choosing to focus on something that catches our eye. Maybe you love taking pictures of peaceful places because you like quiet and calm. Or perhaps you enjoy snapping photos of busy streets because you like excitement and new things. These choices can show what's important to us and how we see the world.

Showing Our Style

Every photographer has a style or a certain way their photos look. Some people might like dramatic lights and shadows. Others may prefer colourful photos or black-and-white ones. By trying different styles, we can learn what we like and what we don't. This can help us learn about ourselves and how we see the world.

Expressing Our Feelings

Photos can also help us express our feelings. Maybe a picture of a rainy day shows how sad we're feeling. A picture of a bright, sunny park might show how happy we are. By looking at the feelings our pictures bring out, we can understand our emotions better.

Remembering Our Journey

Looking back at old photos can show us how we've changed over time. Our interests might shift, or we might see how we've grown. These photos can tell the story of who we were, who we are, and who we might become.

In Conclusion

Photography isn't just about snapping a picture. It's also about making a picture that shows a bit of who we are. Each picture you take can be a piece of the puzzle that makes up you. So the next time you take a picture, remember that you're also exploring a bit of yourself. It's a fun journey that can help you learn more about who you truly are.

I've found the concept of mindful photography and the techniques surrounding it very helpful in developing my style, engaging with and exploring the subjects that I photograph. If you'd like to learn more about mindful photography take a look at the mindful photography workshop that I'm running near Sevenoaks on Saturday 16th September.


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